The day that I met Dr. Yashima White Azilove at an Empowerment Event in Philadelphia marked a turning point in my life. The day I participated in a mini Coaching & Consulting Boot Camp with her, my business was transformed.Her compassionate, authentic and super amazing expert style guided me into a next-level thinking space, and encouraged me to look within to find the answers to "Why Not ?" This defining moment helped me to get clear about the next steps that I needed to take to experience growth, development and expansion of my Brand.When I look back over the course of about 2 years, I know that my success as a Spiritual Life Coach, Author & Empowerment Expert is directly connected to the pivotal time that I invested to coach with Dr. Yashima White Azi Lov. The seeds that were planted are now coming into full bloom. I am so grateful for her. I highly recommend that if you are ready to take your Brand to the next-level and grow forward- then connect with her today.
“Yashima has an innate ability to uncover your truth. Whether she is helping you enhance your personal brand, or helping you find your inner light through coaching, the experience will be powerful, enlightening and life affirming.”
Megan Gaardsmoe
Field Sales Leader Allstate Insurance Company
"I have had a one-on-one coaching session. I must admit, I was completely blown away by Dr. Yashima. She connected to me as a mother, wife and daughter. She understood the pressures and issues that we face and must balance in order to keep everyone around us moving forward.Her ability to tap in on those hidden areas whence we draw our strength was a reflection of innate ability to connect. I was taken aback by the reaction that I had. I was immediately inspired to do more for myself and take care of self, something that I usually do not do.She provided me with some much needed direction in terms of focus. I am taking over my family business and I own my own business. Our session provided me with the direction I needed in order to move forward."
Karla Trotman
Owner www.bellybuttonboutique.com
“Working with Yashima is like career development on steroids. She understood me and she cared. And when you’re made to feel crazy for ten to twelve hours of the day, it helps to have someone with the playbook tell you what to call next. I’m a better manager, communicator and overall professional for working with Yashima behind the scenes on my career. And I might add, I’ve been significantly compensated for my newly positioned expertise as well.”
Associate V.P. of Client Acquisitionat a Fortune 500 Corporation
“Yashima helped me to find my target niche and brand differentiation from others in my space. She helped me to outline my brand story for consistency and with clarity. The best part of the work was seeing the immediate impact it had to me and my business right away.”
Malissa Green
Principle, The MalGyn Group
“Yashima was a very effective and engaging facilitator. She did a great job of explaining as well as checking for understanding of the group.She managed the audience well and reacted appropriately when participants went off on a tangent. She clearly understands adult learning principles and treated the audience with respect.”
Elizabeth McAleer
Regional HR Manager
Great presentation! Very engaging and useful. I was truly blessed by having attended.”
W. Lynette Farlow
Sr. Director of Accounting - See Comcast
Dr. Yashima is an awesome speaker and I would recommend her to anyone. She engages everyone and leaves no one behind.
Joellen Kwiatkowski
Manager, Membership Administration
Dr. Yashima spoke to my Jack and Jill of America, Inc. group. We usually have an inspirational word prior to our meeting and to be honest, I'm usually unimpressed by motivational speakers. The words are usually the same information repackaged in a different vessel, but I must admit, I was completely blown away by Dr. Yashima. She connected to me as a mother, wife and daughter. Several weeks later, my college was looking for a morning keynote speaker for its women's conference. I suggested Dr. Yashima. Thankfully, she accepted the invitation. As I predicted, she took everyone's breath away. The conference was set ablaze with the fire she set under everyone's seat. The attendees couldn't wait to devour the day's events.
Karla Trotman
I’ve been influenced to reinvigorate the way and the kind of brand I reflect as a person. I am motivated beyond words and can’t wait to build my ME Inc.!
Kristel Perry
Marketing Services Coordinator
“Yashima, I’m lucky enough to attend many events where professional women are speaking, but you are, without exception one of the best I’ve seen.You accomplished what I’ve seen great bands do over the years as well – at the first note, you took hold of the audience and didn’t let go! You rock it out of the park!”
Marilyn Russell
Morning and Woman of the Week Host
“Yashima is an excellent speaker and impacted the room with her presence.”
Juanita Duckett
Sr. Delivery Assurance Engineer
Yashima’s Personal Branding keynote and subsequent training for our female leaders was absolutely PERFECT for our first female leadership conference. Your command of the material and captivating presentation style made a real connection with the women. Due to the tremendous response, we can’t wait to build an on-going “training suite” with Magnate.
Tina Garrett-Ragland
Director of Human Resources
“Wonderfully energetic! I learned more in a half hour than in all graduate school.”
Sandra Gilliard-Don
Change Makes Consulting
Dr. White AziLove’s passion, conviction and enthusiasm were infection. Her words incited confidence and excitement. She presented thought-provoking and insightful concepts on personal branding.
Emily Flanigan
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