Dr. Yashima is the founder and managing partner of Magnate Consulting, a boutique brand communications training, coaching and leadership development firm that specializes in Identity Development (ID) – the process of supporting high-potentials and executives to align their leadership platform, communication style and personal brand to fulfill both their personal purpose and the corporate agenda.

In short, Magnate specializes in transforming business through people. Magnate is the destination of choice for HR and Marketing Communication professionals seeking support ranging from public speaking and interpersonal relations for executives; to the message platform and internal communications strategy for corporations; and the orchestration of a strong personal leadership brand for a high potential. We release our clients to leverage communications to transform their workplace.

Magnate Services:
– Professional Development: Coaching and Training
– Communications: Consulting, Coaching and Training
– Branding: Consulting and Event/Meeting Services
– Leadership: Coaching


All of the top athletes in the world know that their next level of success is largely contingent on their coach. Yes a coach – the person who ‘works them out’ and pushes them to achieve greatness, one step beyond what they could have done for themselves.

The same is true in the business world. Coaching has the ability to enhance a company’s performance by strengthening its greatest asset – people. At Magnate, Dr. Yashima and her associate team of Certified Professional Coaches customize coaching programs to ensure it compliments the company’s business objectives, while meeting the executive or emerging leader’s personal professional needs. This balance is critical to ensure a win-win for both the corporation and the leader.


Corporations turn to Magnate to address the following organizational-leadership challenges:

  • Energy leadership
  • Executive presence
  • Presentation/public speaking skills
  • Communications: interpersonal, written, nonverbal, etc.
  • Leadership style: identifying and assessing gaps, aligning with corporate culture, etc.
  • Building effective teams: employee engagement, silo management
  • Diversity management
  • Female advancement: 360o management, presence, strategic thinking, etc.
  • Personal brand development and management

Magnate’s powerful leadership and communication programs, taught by Dr. Yashima and her Magnate-trained facilitators are practical and effective. In short, the Magnate training philosophy is:

  • Tell them… they’ll listen
  • Show them… they’ll simulate
  • Teach them… they’ll understand
  • Train them… they’ll succeed

Customized training programs can be developed to meet your conference, organization or department needs.


Commonly requested training programs:


  • 5 Steps to Building a Personal Brand
  • Personal Branding: A Must Do!

Communications & Presentation

  • Change the Meetings – Change the Culture
  • Communications That Work: Exploring Authoritative, Assertive and Passive Voice
  • Corporate Communications: The Power. The Process. The People
  • Everything Speaks – Exploring the intangibles and non-verbals of communication
  • Finding Your Voice: Basics of Public Speaking
  • Media/Spokesperson Training
  • Saying It Isn’t Enough
  • Using Communication as a Strategy


  • Building TEAM
  • Employee Engagement: Getting What You Need, Giving What They Want
  • Energy Leadership: Capacity versus Engagement
  • Girl Power: Affirming Female Executive Presence
  • So You Think You Can Lead: Potential, Passion, Power
  • The Art of Influencing Others
  • Will the Real Leader Stand-Up: Finding Pockets of Influence
  • Self-Mastery
  • Where Did The Time Go – Manage It or It Will Manage You

Just as each individual has a unique fingerprint, or an impression transferred through touch; your brand should separate you from the competition at every customer touch point – IMPRINTS.

IMPRINTS, the brand consulting division of Magnate Marketing assists clients to:

  • Assess its value proposition and brand promise relative to its operations and output
  • Position its brand and unique attributes in the marketplace consistently and powerfully
  • Strategically and creatively reach its target market with a high-impact communications platform, call to action and yield
  • Reach ethnic and faith-based audiences via grassroots and community relations efforts to spur targeted growth and/or diversity efforts

IMPRINTS – Brand Consulting

We Build One of Kind Solutions

Your fingerprint is the impression you transfer through touch. Just as each individual has an irreplaceable fingerprint that makes them unique; your business should separate you from the competition through every customer touch. When a customized strategic approach is necessary to meet your growth, volume, and revenue goals, copycat templates just won’t do. We develop the depth of your impression to strengthen your market impact. Your business working and growing at Magnate levels is our priority.

At Magnate, we target and spur growth through the power of research, strategy and partnership. A minority and female owned business, Magnate also excels at penetrating the African American consumer target and has proven experience leveraging the faith-based segment.

  • Brand Identity
  • Diversity Brand Consulting
  • Ethnic Marketing & Strategy Development
  • Faith-Based Marketing & Strategy Development
  • Marketing Strategic Planning
  • Positioning and Differentiation
  • Value Proposition Study
  • Digital and Social Media Planning

We specialize in cutting through the clutter to develop messages that are impactful, deliberate and brand building – QUILL.
QUILL, the communications division of Magnate Marketing assists our clients to:

  • Experience the power of brand communications and its ability to transform a corporate culture into a vision-centric, mission-driven fine oiled machine
  • Increase revenue without increasing the marketing budget
  • Enhance employee engagement and productivity
  • Streamline the corporate communication process to ensure timely, consistent, comprehensive and actionable internal communications
  • Build its corporate brand from the inside-out

QUILL – Communications Consulting

We make permanent marks

No buzz words. No jargon. No clichés. We specialize in cutting through the clutter to develop messages that are impactful, deliberate and targeted.

At Magnate we build communication platforms that consider all mediums and audiences, from the media to employees and from shareholders to bloggers. Moreover, we develop communication plans and tactics with your brand as the first and final authority.

We understand that our clients only have one time to make an impression . . . Magnate makes permanent marks.

  • Communication Platforms
  • Executive Platform
  • Internal Communications
    • Strategic planning
    • Employee campaigns
    • Communication vehicle development
    • Speech development
    • Key message development
    • PowerPoint development
  • Issues Management

We aren’t party planners. We are strategic business partners who know how to leverage the power of a face to face interaction to drive results and build a brand – SAVOIR-FAIRE EVENT MANAGEMENT.

SAVOIR FAIRE, the event consulting division of Magnate Marketing assists our corporate clients to:

  • Strategically plan business meetings and events with a definitive metric or return on investment
  • Leverage their brand platform and maximize the power of a face to face interaction for the target audience and the media when applicable
  • Minimize event budgets and increase tangible impact

SAVOIR FAIRE: Event & Meeting Management

We aren’t party planners. We are strategic business partners who understand how to leverage the power of a face-to-face interaction. When you need your event to make a brand statement, think Magnate. Certified meeting planners offer strategic planning, project management and event-day support.

Savoir Faire means, “the inherent knowledge or ability to know what to do.” Intrinsic to the name, at Magnate we know what to do to create and masterfully execute a signature brand event with SIRP: Strategy, Impact, Return on Investment and Purpose:

  • Strategy – We don’t jump into planning tactics, we start with strategy.
  • Impact – We create buzz; and buzz is impact!
  • Return on Investment – This economy demands a more creative planning approach. Magnate welcomes the challenge and works with our clients to define event metrics.
  • Purpose – In real estate, it’s about location. In event management, it’s about purpose! Magnate simply will not manage an event that doesn’t clearly have an answer to, “Why?”
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