Meet Dr. Yashima

I am an international speaker, media commentator, award-winning journalist and high achieving corporate communications executive. An ICF Certified Professional Coach, my programs enlighten, engage and equip corporations, entrepreneurs and influential people with the power of Elevated Communication and Branding to transform business, ministry and personal lives. I can even add author to my credits, as my first book will be released in the Winter of 2018.


My achievements in the business world are many. I climbed rapidly to the topmost ranks in the insurance, banking, financial services, healthcare industries – and now entertainment and media. In 2014, I was afforded the unique opportunity to be the first Vice President, Corporate Communications of Radio One, Inc., the largest African-American owned and targeted multi-media conglomerate in the country.


The first woman of color to achieve senior management levels previously in two corporations, I repeatedly led top-performing marketing communications departments and blazed trails for others to follow. I also directed the sales, digital, community relations, fund development and telecommunication functions.

The founder of Magnate Consulting, a brand communications consulting firm specializing in leadership development, coaching, training and brand management, I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a dual degree from the Annenberg School of Communications and Wharton School of Business. I achieved a Doctorate of Divinity and founded Dunamis, Inc., a non-profit organization specializing in the development and administration of faith-based organizations.


Happily married and the mother of a beautiful son, I am passionate about marriage/family, community, mentorship and empowerment for teenage girls and women.


During my over 20 years of corporate achievement and as a successful entrepreneur, you might have thought I was the woman who had it all: a great career, big paycheck, a commanding presence (so I’m told) and a clear path to the top of the corporate ladder, or wherever I happened to set my sights.

I needed help!
But inside, I was suffering.

My life is different today than it was a few years ago. You see, behind my public achievements and aura of strength, my spiritual, professional and personal resilience was being sorely tested.

I am the survivor of two tragic car accidents, a cancer scare, a turbulent marriage and the near-death experience of my precious, newborn son (after a pregnancy complicated by extreme stress and depression). Through all of this, I portrayed the publically driven young corporate executive, model pastor’s daughter, travelled speaker and leader. I was exhausted.

When you’re a resource to so many, when everyone seems to think you’re the one who has it all together, you wonder if it’s safe to expose your heart and open wounds. I spent my career managing crisis, building brands and having a deep spiritual grounding.

Now I was the subject and everything I knew about crisis management, communications, personal branding and God seemingly flew out the window.

I needed help!

First, somewhere in the midst of my worst pain, I experienced a turn in my relationship with God. It gave me the courage to take the next crucial step: Get real with myself. I realized I needed to reconcile my skill set, my proficiencies and my intelligence with my feelings of ineptness and inferiority—the lack of self -esteem that plagued me daily. The woman people saw, was not the woman I was BE-ing. The words others used for me were far from the words I spoke to myself. It was time for the mask to be removed.

I got coached!

My coaching team had a huge impact on my life, asking me some life-altering questions that I had never had to answer for myself before. The process helped me to connect my “outside personae” with my authentic self. I had to align my self-talk and private walk with my public BE-ing.

During this remarkable experience I realized I was stronger than I ever imagined. I learned I had the power to live a life of personal and professional mastery without conflict, as they both honored my divine call.

I learned the power of my words and recognized my value. Things were beginning to make sense. Ah-ha moments were becoming affirmations. Affirmations began to shift my heart and I began to see what I said.

The Epiphany

During the toughest times, I plunged into work every day managing a multi-million-dollar budget. While dodging death in two car accidents, I managed a robust staff, vendors and agencies, and quite unexpectedly was forced to look cancer in the face—demanding it could not take residence in my body. I made numerous presentations to global audiences as large as 18,000 people, and overnight, became a depressed young woman with a troubled marriage and a dying child. I was pumping breast milk in my office while my child was in the hospital, and spending every non-working minute at his side. Surprisingly, I didn’t lose my mind. I was broken, but I wasn’t shattered. As it turns out, being “broken” was good for me. I needed to expose some of those pieces so I could be put together again.

And now, I have the best of all worlds, and am living the life I was created for: Executive, Consultant, Coach, Media Commentator and Speaker . . . wife, mother and minister. I made an appointment with destiny and I finally showed up. I’m right where I’m supposed to be. And you can, too!

Let’s get started!

I want to be your “elevation” coach. Let me show you how to live your life with total authenticity and mastery. There’s no trouble that can keep you from your place of triumph when your mindset is elevated, your focus is clear, your words are empowered and you’re willing to do the work. Get in touch today.


Where does a woman who is supposed to have the answers for everyone else go when she needs to be recharged?


Where does the power woman go to gain confidence in her leadership style, executive presence and public speaking skills and no one know?


Where can you go to reconcile your purpose and destiny to the life you’re living right now?

  • Certified Meeting Planning
  • Certified Mediator 
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Certified Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner


10 Under 40 to Watch, Most Influential Philadelphia:The Philadelphia Tribune

Woman on the Move: The Philadelphia Tribune


Woman of the Year: National Association of Professional Women

40 Under 40 Business Leaders: Philadelphia Business Journal

Milestones Award: Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society


Woman of Accomplishment: Women’s Yellow Pages


Most Influential Women in Radio: Radio Ink


Most Influential Communicator in Radio: Radio Ink

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