Elevate your team’s outcomes and create more wins with Dr. Yashima’s insights gathered from over 20 years of brand communication and leadership experience packaged in her unique, highly engaging and inspirational delivery.

  • Increase employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Create a communication-driven culture
  • Develop confident, skilled and passionate leaders
  • Leverage the power of a personal brand to drive results
  • Motivate entrepreneurs
  • Empower professional women
  • Propel faith-based organizations, churches and marketplace ministries

Dr. Yashima delivers on these transformations 100% of the time. Who better to teach the art of communications, but a consummate communicator? She’s a proven expert.

Communication ranks as one of the most powerful human tools in business and life. From the power of the spoken word, to the mystique of non-verbal communications; and from the healing virtue of self-talk, to the influence of branding, everyone is communicating something ALL the time.


When all things are equal, communicators win. People who possess confidence, persuasion, clarity and authenticity in their communication style are more likely to be successful in business and maintain high-value relationships. In short, EVERYONE communicates, but few people CONNECT.
From the small business pitch, job interview, public speaking, business and network meetings, to a successful marriage, strong parenting and healthy social relations one’s ability to engage, enlighten, motivate, influence and persuade an audience of thousands to an audience of one is paramount.

Dr. Yashima is an expert communicator that teaches the art, power and energy of communications to transform business and life. Her Ivy League education, professional coaching certification, over 20 years of corporate executive experience, turbulent to triumphant life story mixed with her gift for communication, informs and inspires international audiences to elevate what they say so they can elevate what they see.

Known for her charismatic style and rich content, Dr. Yashima has reached thousands across the globe. Her presentations can be customized to accommodate a keynote, workshop, facilitation or multi-day retreat/conference. What never changes is her guarantee to not only inspire audiences, but to give practical tools for immediate implementation to elevate attendees in business and life.

Benefited Audiences
  • Corporate Executives, Leaders and Aspiring Leaders
  • Women’s Groups & Organizations
  • Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs
  • Churches and Faith-based Organizations
  • Community and Civic Organizations
  • College/University Students
  • Teenage Girl Groups
Signature Speech Subject Areas
  • Communication Style & Delivery
  • Personal Branding
  • Business Branding
  • Leadership
  • Resilience & Mindset

Elevate your next event with Dr. Yashima!


30 – 90 minutes

A charismatic and highly inspirational presenter, Dr. Yashima is a wonderful highlight to an event. Her personal brand, charm and presentation style captivate audiences.


50 – 120 minutes

Dr. Yashima’s workshops are informative and highly engaging for groups. Exercises, activities, affirmations and even art and music are often used to illuminate the lesson and impact the participants.



When one day isn’t enough, Dr. Yashima offers multiple-day training for groups on all of her most recommended topics in addition to



Concerned about keeping your program moving and attendees engaged? Or perhaps you’re worried about a ‘run away’ panel discussion. Dr.Yashima, a certified meeting planner is a polished panel facilitator and mistress of ceremonies who is time conscious, tactful, articulate and professional.

The day that I met Dr. Yashima White Azilove at an Empowerment Event in Philadelphia marked a turning point in my life. The day I participated in a mini Coaching & Consulting Boot Camp with her, my business was transformed.Her compassionate, authentic and super amazing expert style guided me into a next-level thinking space, and encouraged me to look within to find the answers to "Why Not ?" This defining moment helped me to get clear about the next steps that I needed to take to experience growth, development and expansion of my Brand.When I look back over the course of about 2 years, I know that my success as a Spiritual Life Coach, Author & Empowerment Expert is directly connected to the pivotal time that I invested to coach with Dr. Yashima White Azi Lov. The seeds that were planted are now coming into full bloom. I am so grateful for her. I highly recommend that if you are ready to take your Brand to the next-level and grow forward- then connect with her today.
“Yashima is an excellent speaker and impacted the room with her presence.”
Juanita Duckett
Sr. Delivery Assurance Engineer
Yashima’s Personal Branding keynote and subsequent training for our female leaders was absolutely PERFECT for our first female leadership conference. Your command of the material and captivating presentation style made a real connection with the women. Due to the tremendous response, we can’t wait to build an on-going “training suite” with Magnate.
Tina Garrett-Ragland
Director of Human Resources
“Wonderfully energetic! I learned more in a half hour than in all graduate school.”
Sandra Gilliard-Don
Change Makes Consulting
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