Celebrity & Influencer Branding

Need to Build a Brand that Sells.


Need a Brand Refresh.


Need to Make Power Brand Connections.

Whether you’re an aspiring/new talent in need of authentic brand packaging that is in full alignment with your gift, or a veteran looking to ELEVATE your brand to the next level with corporate endorsements, publicity or community engagement, Dr. Yashima and her team are proven brand architects – bridge the gap between your art and influence to visibility and corporate engagement.

What We Do

We build your narrative, define your audience, media train and package you for your customized brand strategy to get you noticed and take your celebrity to the next level. You may be a gifted singer, talented athlete, amazing actress or author… but EVERYONE needs someone to pull out their secret sauce!


If it’s launching a music career – – consider us your personal A&R department.


If it’s positioning yourself for a radio or television show — consider us your brand managers.


Perhaps you’re ready for a corporate endorsement – – consider us your brokers.


Maybe you just need more visibility – – consider us an extension of your PR team.


We work in concert with you, your management, record label or agency to prepare you for your new level and expanded influencer network.


We also specialize in Crisis Communications, so when your brand is challenged in the court of public opinion, we strategize and prepare you for the press and social media combat.

How We Work

1. Understand Your Story & Goals – through a series of questionnaires and coaching sessions Dr. Yashima and team will amerce themselves in your story


2. Build the Narrative – your unique value proposition and story will be presented to you as a sellable and snackable narrative that will drive all press, social media, corporate and community engagements


3. Develop the Brand – you get packaged


4. Create Your Influencer Brand Strategy – you receive a roadmap


5. Media Training & Communications Coaching – you are trained, polished & ready to work the plan

30 Minute FREECoaching Call!

Thinking of working with Dr. Yashima or simply need quick advise? Schedule your free 30 minute coaching session today! It’s time for you to ELEVATE.

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