There’s Something to Be Said for Nothingness

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We spend so much time reading, studying, and pursuing success. We’re always on the move, chasing our dreams, eager not to get left behind. We aim to be good students and activate our learning in order to grow continuously.

All of this is important.

But what happens when we’ve learned the lessons and done all we know to do, and success still has not manifested?  What if we’ve taken all the advice, ticked off all the checkboxes, and accomplished all the pre-requisites of success, however, we’ve defined it, and we’re still not holding the success that we believed we’d have achieved by now?

Have we done too much? Or too little? Is there something more to be done? Or is it time to just let go, do nothing, and wait?

There’s something to be said for the spirit of nothingness.

Perhaps we’re running so fast to chase success that we’ve outrun it. And what we need to do is slow down so it can catch us. What if we’ve been working so hard to get to the next level that we’ve lost sight of where we were supposed to go?

Perhaps the key to unlocking success is not another action, but it’s in our stillness.  Perhaps it’s not another affirmation but in our quietness. We must find inner resolve and recognize that what we want — actually wants us and that it will indeed pursue us when we are PREPARED and READY to receive it.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, sometimes the best thing to do to be productive is to do absolutely nothing.

In fact, when you think about it, some of the best results have come from doing staying quiet, walking away – essentially doing nothing. When was the last time you got really mad about something? A part of you wanted to lose your cool. Maybe you wanted to yell at the top of your lungs to blow off steam. You may have even wanted to verbally attack the person that made you feel so horrible. However, you knew that none of that would change a thing because some things are just beyond your control. And the best thing to do in that moment was…nothing.

And when you did nothing, didn’t you instantly feel empowered. When you stopped fighting, you started winning. You were essentially doing more by doing nothing. By doing nothing, you saved yourself the humiliation of being seen throwing a fit. By doing nothing, you don’t end up having said something you’ll regret and can never take back. The emotion that for a moment overwhelmed you has now left your body and in its place, peace.

For those of us who have been chasing something for so long, the thought of being still and doing nothing can be scary. We have somehow convinced ourselves that to be successful, we must be proactive and that means taking action to produce results. We believe that we constantly have to be thinking, creating, and moving.

However, what we fail to realize is there’s something in nothingness because nothing is something. And when we allow the power of nothingness do its work, it just might finally catch up with us.

Dr Yashima

I am an international speaker, certified coach and skilled consultant with over 20 years of corporate brand communications executive experience in the media, entertainment, healthcare and financial service industries. I now use my expertise in brand communications to ELEVATE audiences, corporations, celebrity/talent and faith organizations.


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