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Winning is not an action; it is a mindset.

Having a winning mindset means taking ownership of your own success and defining your own rules on how to achieve it. Winning is having the clear and distinct picture of what you wish to achieve in your head. You see every angle of it – from the path you must take you get there to the people who will support you along the way and even the potential setbacks that you need to overcome. But most importantly, you can see yourself reaching that goal. You know how it feels. The visual is so clear that it’s enough to make your heart race and inhale with pride that your goal is so within your grasp that you can already feel it.

But how do you get there? How do you develop that winning mindset and renew your state of mind to grant your access to that place of success? Here’s how:

Passion + perseverance = grit

Grit is what you need to achieve your long-term goals. Without perseverance, you cannot overcome the obstacles that lie on the path to success and without passion as your powerful motivator, you will lose momentum. Grit couples with discipline and optimism are what keeps your steadfast and committed to your goals.

Work on your craft

Don’t just rely on your talents and hope that they are enough. Your God-given gifts should be nurtured and developed. Don’t ever stop learning. Use that talent and make it into something amazing and worthwhile. Don’t ever take it for granted.

Build momentum

Walk before you run. It’s better to take baby steps that are consistent rather than taking giant steps that are uncalculated and more prone to failure. Celebrate the milestones, however small. They will help you gain confidence and pick up speed and be the source of your momentum.

Trust yourself

While we may dream big, we would never set ourselves up to fail. Your visions may be grand, but they should be achievable. And the key to reaching any goal is trusting that you have what it takes to get there. Trust your vision to guide you but be ready to adapt when the need arises. Don’t be discouraged by failures and don’t let them shake your faith. Allow them to build your resilience and push your optimism.

Stop analyzing and take action

It’s better to make a bad move and fail rather than sit and wait and do nothing. It’s going to take many steps to reach your goal, and you’re not any closer to it when you make excuses for why now is not the right time to make a move. Stop making plans and start executing them. Stop describing the vision and start moving towards it.

Dr Yashima

I am an international speaker, certified coach and skilled consultant with over 20 years of corporate brand communications executive experience in the media, entertainment, healthcare and financial service industries. I now use my expertise in brand communications to ELEVATE audiences, corporations, celebrity/talent and faith organizations.


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