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A gifted storyteller. A highly versed communications strategist. A skilled coach and consultant to cultural influencers, corporate and faith leaders. Dr. Yashima is an emerging voice on brand communications and leadership who is skilled to help organizations and people ELEVATE in strategy, visibility, business and life.

Dr. Yashima is a multi-faceted marketplace mogul that has excelled as an entrepreneur and corporate executive in the media, entertainment, healthcare and financial service industries; proving her diversified skill set and thought leadership is transferrable and effective wherever it’s applied. Blazing trails for others to follow, Dr. Yashima, the Brandologist and Master Communicator, is a sought-after speaker and ICF certified professional coach with a global client footprint spanning from celebrity talent and cultural influencers to Fortune 100 companies, ministries and people who are ready to be UPGRADED and walk in their ELEVATION.


Marilyn Russell

“Yashima, I’m lucky enough to attend many events where professional women are speaking, but you are, without exception one of the best I’ve seen. You accomplished what I’ve seen great bands do over the years as well – at the first note, you took hold of the audience and didn’t let go! You rock it out of the park!”

Megan Gaardsmoe

“Yashima has an innate ability to uncover your truth. Whether she is helping you enhance your personal brand, or helping you find your inner light through coaching, the experience will be powerful, enlightening and life affirming.”

Tina Garrett-Ragland

Yashima’s Personal Branding keynote and subsequent training for our female leaders was absolutely PERFECT for our first female leadership conference. Your command of the material and captivating presentation style made a real connection with the women. Due to the tremendous response, we can’t wait to build an on-going “training suite” with Magnate.

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